SAFETY   information



UNIT STRUCTURE                                                                                                

The Pinnacle - Reach for the Sky unit was designed and constructed by E Scale Engineering in Victoria and engineer certified by WA Moore and Associates  - consulting Civil/Structural Engineers. The Pinnacle undergoes inspections daily by the operators and also yearly by consulting Engineer, Bob Boardman of AustestNDT, structural/mechanical engineering.



All equipment used on the Pinnacle - Reach for the Sky unit have an operating load exceeding 2000kg.  All equipment undergo a routine safety inspection prior to each use and also undergo a logged comprehensive inspection each month.  Hours of use for each device are also logged.  Equipment is immediately retired and replaced if not meeting operating standards. 



BEYOND BARRIERS - Restoring Lives has a current $20,000,000.00 public liability policy with Lloyds of London through Austbroker Phillips. 


STAFF QUALIFICATIONS                                                                   

The director has a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in counselling,all necessary abseiling/leader guide qualifications and certifications. All staff hold a blue card and a level of certification to meet operational guidelines. 


RISK ASSESSMENT AND MANAGEMENT                                       

An extensive Risk assessment has been carried out on every aspect of the program.  From this, a comprehensive management plan has been put in place and documented.  All staff are provided with a copy of the risk assessment and management plan and are required to conduct themselves accordingly.

General safety procedures, emergency procedures and safe operating procedures are documented and implemented by staff at appropriate times.


FIRST AID                                                                                           

A first aid kit, mobile phone and accident report forms are kept with the Pinnacle at all times.  Staff hold current First Aid/CPR certificates.


Taking Risks

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