Pinnacle - Reach for the Sky is a Mobile Adventure Program that seeks to enable participants of all ages to discover their true capabilities by letting go of self-imposed restrictions through Adventure Therapy and Experiential Learning.

adventure   therapy


Adventure Therapy “represents a sense of accomplishment that is concrete and real and that can be used to draw strength from in the future.  This sense of accomplishment…helps people feel better about themselves, leading to increases in self-esteem and is the first step towards personal growth.”


The Pinnacle - Reach for the Sky program provides Adventure Therapy in a caring and supportive environment that is physically and emotionally safe. 



Conquering the challenges that the Pinnacle - Reach for the Sky program offers is the first step towards life-changing growth. 


Combining meaningful programs and powerful activities builds self worth, character, success and happiness -  the beginning of a journey that will last a lifetime.



Studies of the Use of Wilderness for Personal Growth, Therapy, Education and Leadership Development:  An Annotation and Evaluation by Troy More, Research Assistant and KeithC. Russell, PhD

How Wilderness Therapy Works:An Examination of the Wilderness Therapy Process to Treat Adolescents with Behavioural Problems and Addictions by Keith C. Russell, John C. Hendee, Dianne Phillips-Miller


Taking Risks

Develops Character

adventure    -     


Step of Fear - Climb a wobbly, seven-metre-high vertical ladder and stand, no-handed, on the top rung and enjoy the view.


Rock Climb - Seven-metre vertical climb, including a two-metre overhang section.  3 levels of difficulty to choose from.


Abseil - Bound down a seven-metre wall backwards.


Everest Plunge - Stand on a shoe-sized platform almost ten metres above the ground, with arms outstretched, then dive off head first.


Leap of Faith - Leap from a small platform, seven metres above the ground to a trapeze bar three metres away, then hang upside-down from this bar.


Angel Rush - Dive from a seven-metre-high, shoe-sized platform.


Adventure    activities    that    challenge    both    physically    and    mentally




Character   development -     



  • Extend personal limits and challenge personal fears.
  • Negative attitudes towards others are challenged through the observance of “no bagging or put downs” and witnessing the effect a positive attitude has on others.
  • Motivational talks inspire to identify and reach towards potential.


all     activities    are    facilitated    with    strong    messages    that    are   inescapable




team   building   


Together as a team, participants cheer and encourage one another as they attempt to conquer the challenges of the program. 


A “no bagging/put downs” rule, virtually guarantees a positive outcome.