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Beyond Barriers - Restoring Lives LTD is a publicly benevolent institution, which means we are a charity that cares.  Our mission is to give support in practical ways to everyday Australians when they it most.


Currently our support is threefold:  We support through the Flagstone Foodbank, this provides a local place to go for food and personal care items when the going gets tough; it is a place where anyone in need is welcomed and supported - no questions asked.  We support through the Flagstone Op Shop, this is a place filled with clothing and household items at affordable prices.  And lastly we support through the Pinnacle - Reach for the Sky program, a Mobile Adventure Program that seeks to enable participants of all ages to discover their true capabilities by letting go of self-imposed restrictions through Adventure Therapy and Experiential Learning.


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All donations $2.00 and over are tax deductible