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Flagstone Central Shopping Centre

1 Bushman Drive














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ACN: 635 192 255












All donations $2.00 and over are tax deductible






Beyond Barriers - Restoring Lives LTD is a publicly benevolent institution, which means we are a charity that cares.  Our mission is to give support in practical ways to everyday Australians when they it most.


Currently our support is threefold:  We support through the Flagstone Foodbank, this provides a local place to go for food and personal care items when the going gets tough; it is a place where anyone in need is welcomed and supported - no questions asked.  We support through the Flagstone Op Shopthis is a place filled with clothing and household items at affordable prices.  And lastly we support through the Pinnacle - Reach for the Sky program, a Mobile Adventure Program that seeks to enable participants of all ages to discover their true capabilities by letting go of self-imposed restrictions through Adventure Therapy and Experiential Learning.














Your food donation will help us feed families in need



We accept donations of all kinds of food and groceries from individuals, farmers, manufacturers and retailers. Goods can be brought directly to our store, or placed in the trolley located at Coles Flagstone.  For donations of large amounts of stock: 





We can accept


  • Short coded product
  • Excess product
  • Product not meeting retailer specification
  • Discontinued product
  • Product requiring relabelling
  • Under or over weight product
  • Private label product
  • New product lines or promotions which didn’t take off
  • Product withdrawals if they’re still fit for use
  • Homegrown fruit/vegetables (contact us)





We won’t accept


  • Regulated products such as alcohol, tobacco or drugs of dependence
  • Product past its use by date
  • Product more than 6 months past its best before date
  • Mouldy or rotting product
  • Product where the cold chain has not been maintained
  • Product subject to a safety recall
  • Unlabelled product provided without ingredient details





Have you seen the purple trolley at Coles Flagstone?



Coles Flagstone have a purple trolley waiting to collect: Nappies, sanitary products, baby wipes, cleaning products, toothpaste, deodorants, soap, shampoo and conditioner for the FLAGSTONE FOODBANK.


So next time you’re shopping at Coles Flagstone, pop an item into the purple trolley to help us care for the needy families of Flagstone and Jimboomba





Do you want to hold a Food Drive?



Food drives are a great way to get teams and communities together whilst helping us get more food, grocery and personal items to the people who need them.  Flagstone Foodbank welcomes food and grocery donations from members of the public, schools or fundraising teams. 



If you are an individual, school, or fundraising team looking to coordinate a food drive, we would LOVE to partner with you!!  Please contact us so that we can work together to feed families in need.